Zombie pigeons with twisted necks

Zombie Pigeon

Zombie Pigeon

The Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV), often known as Newcastle’s Sickness in the UK, has turned pigeons into a target for its dreadful disease. Neurological signs like as trembling wings and a dramatically contorted neck are the result. Pigeons with the condition become reluctant to fly and move. They also excrete green material. Pigeons that contract the illness die as a result.

According to a spokesman for the JSPCA Animal Shelter, more grounded pigeons have been brought into the facility recently. The neurological signs of many affected birds were twisted necks, circling, and immobility. The spokesman continued, “These symptoms are indicators of pigeon paramyxovirus, which invariably results in death in poultry, doves, and pigeons.”

When it affects captive birds, PPMV must be reported. Wild birds are not covered by it. There is no cure for the illness, which causes the infected birds to pass away within a few days. Because it is so contagious, PPMV can spread through infected birds’ excretions like excrement. Birds that live will shed the infection, endangering other birds. Therefore, the diseased birds are compassionately put to death at JSPCA. Clusters of the disease are typically detected during these months since the PPMV virus thrives during these conditions.

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