Walking Palm Trees: Strange trees that walk 20m a year

Walking Palm Trees

We humans can walk, move and run around . . .That’s how God has made us. Animals and birds too an move around. But have you heard of trees and plants that can move around? Let me introduce you to the Walking Palm Trees, which simply uproots itself and runs around when humans try to cut or hurt them. Sounds creepy and unbelievable, right?

I just exaggerated a little too much. These trees do not run around here and there. However, it does uproot itself and move from its place.

BBC has published an article about these trees, which has the capacity to uproot itself and move on to a place where it can find better soil for its nourishment.

Socratea exorrhiza, often known as the “Walking Palm,” is the palm we’re talking about.

walking palm trees, walking palm

What is the story behind the Walking Palm Trees ?

The Socratea exorrhiza is a tropical rainforest tree native to Central and South America. It grows long, strong roots that extend outward from the tree’s base and bury themselves in the surrounding soil, giving the tree the impression of having numerous legs. It didn’t take long for people to begin to think that the palm tree could truly walk across the forest thanks to these roots, which acted as legs.

For years, rainforest tour guides have been telling tourists the astonishing tale of the walking palm trees, which has now been published in numerous print and online sources. According to legend, a tree “walks” from shade to sunlight by developing roots in the desired direction and letting the old roots gradually lift into the air and wither. As a result, the tree might gently shift in the direction of the side where the new roots are forming. According to one palaeobiologist, the tree travels two to three centimetres every day. However, it is said that the process takes a couple of years.

Many people tend to believe it because it is such a fascinating concept, including our paleobiologist buddy from the Earth Science Institute in Bratislava. Sadly, the tale of the walking tree is just a myth.

walking palm trees, walking palm

What is the truth behind the Walking Palm Trees?

John H. Bodley initially proposed the concept of the “walking palm trees” in 1980. He reasoned that if a tree fell on a seedling and knocked it over, the palm may “move away” from the spot of germination. In this manner, the tree is able to avoid risks that pose a serious threat to young palm trees.

According to LiveScience.com, biologist Gerardo Avalos, director of the Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Atenas, Costa Rica, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Socratea exorrhiza, published a thorough study of the palm and its root in 2005, in which he noted that the walking tree can’t walk because its roots don’t move. The trunk itself remains firmly rooted in place, even if a few roots on one side or the other die off.

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