There were 23 contact lenses in his eyes

23 contact lenses in his eyes
Dr. Katerina Kurteeva of Newport Beach, California

23 contact lenses in his eyes

A patient who visited an ophthalmologist in the US complaining of discomfort and poor vision had 23 contact lenses removed from his or her eyes. On social media, a video of a doctor removing the lenses from an old woman’s eyelid one at a time and referring to her as a Guinness World Records patient has gone viral. On her Instagram page California eye associates, Dr. Katerina Kurteeva of Newport Beach, California, posted a video of herself gently removing the woman’s contact lenses. The doctor is heard in the video noting that while she has taken out two contact lenses, there are still more within the eye.

I had the opportunity to remove 23 contact lenses from one patient’s eye at my clinic yesterday, which is an unusual occurrence in my line of work. In the Instagram post, Dr. Kurteeva stated, “23 CONTACT LENSES REMOVED – this is a chance for me to discuss contact lens usage with the public, adding safety precautions to be observed when using contact lenses. Insider reported Dr. Kurteeva as stating, “Basically, these contact lenses are exceedingly smooth and thin. As a result, over time, they simply congealed into a pancake-like structure of connections. But as I began attacking them with a Q-Tip, it felt somewhat similar to dealing a deck of cards. Simply put, they were all leaving one after the other.

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