The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is So Awesome and Massive That You Can Set Sail in It

What is the largest swimming pool that you’ve ever seen? 50 feet? 100 feet? 500 feet?

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool is 3280 feet long.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

The pool was created by Crystal Lagoons (a company built by a Chilean businessman known for building other man-made lagoons around the world) and holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the first-ever “largest man-made lagoon.”

The saltwater pool, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean shoreline, is more than 3,280 feet long and easily covers 871,200 square feet. (That’s more than 15 football fields if you do the math!)

According to the outlet, the spectacularly wide lagoon also contains 250 million liters of filtered ocean water. No wonder why it is the world’s largest swimming pool.

Now that we’re talking about oceans and water, here’s a fun fact : A massive Blue Whale can eat an impressive 500,000 calories in a single mouthful

The pool’s water color matches the vivid turquoise shade of the ocean nearby, making it even more appealing to visitors — ideal for capturing the perfect Instagram image without risking powerful waves!

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool uses computers to turn ocean water into cleaner, private swimming water.

THE WORLD’S LARGEST SWIMMING POOL, LOCATED BETWEEN CHILE’S SAN ALFONSO DEL MAR Resort and the sea, effectively transforms the salty public waters of the ocean into a pristine private lake.

The resort’s 20-acre lake, which is over 1,000 yards long and 115 feet deep at its deepest point, cost about a billion dollars to construct and has a $2 million annual maintenance bill. Despite the unlimited natural waters of the ocean just beyond the pool wall, the resort employs cutting-edge equipment from a business that prides itself on the ability to build swimming pools of any size to continuously pump and recycle sea water into the private lagoon and alternately back out to sea. Now you know why it is called the world’s largest swimming pool.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in activities other than swimming because of the park’s massive size. Kayaking, scuba diving lessons, aqua-fitness courses, and waterslide trips are among the many water sports available to guests.

If that isn’t enough, visitors can also go sailing in the pool (yes, you read that correctly) while soaking up the sun and taking in the view of the multi-bedroom luxury condos that overlook the water and are all available for purchase or rent.

Are you not a fan of water sports? Is the weather failing to meet your expectations? It’s no problem.

The resort also has a “roofed beach” — the only one in South America — for those who choose to remain on land or be sheltered from the sun and rain.

The heated sand, temperature-controlled water, volleyball and tennis courts, a pool, a nightclub, and a professional soccer stadium are all included in the glass pyramid-shaped pavilion.

I can guarantee you one thing about this world’s largest swimming pool. . . .Once you get in, you’re not getting out soon.

Highlights about San Alfonso del Mar

  • Housing (Area: 100,000 m2 each, Cost 1,700,000 UF) 
  • Sub-Acqua Café Aquarium (Area: 770 m2)
  • Beach Club (Area: 1,312 m2, Cost USD 865,472)
  • Nightclub (Area: 450 m2, Cost USD 255,000)
  • Fragata Building (Area: 23,295 m2, Cost 400,000 UF)
  • Bitácora Building (Area: 6,468 m2, Cost: 110,000 UF)

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