The breathtaking Worlds largest family consists of 39 wives 94 children and 33 grandchildren

The worlds largest family in Mizoram, India is much bigger than we think. Unfortunately the ‘head’ of the family Mr Ziona Chana died in 2021.

An Indian guy who resides in Mizoram has established a record by having 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandkids all living together peacefully under one roof. This makes his family one of the largest families in the world. A hilly village close to the Burmese and Bangladeshi borders is home to the family’s residence, which is a structure with four floors.

Worlds largest family
Worlds largest family

The worlds largest family

According to reports, the leader of the family, Ziona Chana, made the statement “I once married 10 women in one year.” The sons, their spouses, and all of their children all live in the same building together, but they each have their own bedroom. They all use the same kitchen.

In the four-story building that is located in Baktwang village, Mizoram, the family possesses more than one hundred rooms. His wives sleep in a massive dormitory in the basement of the structure. The family of 167 individuals goes through around 60 kilogrammes of potatoes and 90 kilogrammes of rice every single day. In addition, in order for the family to cook supper for themselves when it is time for non-vegetarian cuisine, it requires thirty chickens in their entire form.

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The ladies are in charge of the cooking, while the daughters are responsible for cleaning and washing, while the husbands work outside doing things like farming and other chores.

According to the story, Ziona declared, “Even now I am ready for marriage, and I can afford one more wife.” He continued by saying, “I cannot believe my good fortune that God has entrusted me with the care of so many individuals.”

Worlds largest family
Worlds largest family

When Chana was just 17 years old, he became engaged to his first wife. Chana is the leader of a local Christian religious cult that goes by the name “Chana” and condones polygamy among its members.

There is a rotation system for who visits Mr. Chana’s bedroom, and he keeps the youngest ladies close to his bedroom while the elder members of the family sleep further away. Chana also keeps the younger women close to his bedroom.
The Chana sect was established in 1942, and its members believe that after the second coming of Jesus Christ, they and their families would take control of the world and continue to rule it.

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Ziona Chana, however, passed away in 2021, leaving behind 38 women, 89 children, and 36 grandchildren. He also had 36 great-grandchildren.

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