The pink lake in Australia is mysterious and amazing in its own nature.

Lake Hiller, the pink lake in Australia is a waterbody with lot of questions to answer.

The pink lake in Australia

We have seen maps marking blue for waterbody and distinctive colour for land depending on the texture of the map. But nature may have its own way of differentiating things in a little uncommon way.

Lake Hiller also is a stunning and distinctive lake situated on the coast of Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago to the south of Western Australia. The 600-meter long strawberry pink lake might not impress you with its length or even its diverse species of fishes in the region but the aerial view of the lake would remind anyone of a fantasy movie with a lagoon of strawberry milkshake. But what exactly causes this lake with this colour?

The pink lake in Australia may not be so yummy

The reason for its unique colour is still debatable according to many researchers, the exact reason for this change in colour is not fully understood and hence there are various versions of findings. According to some studies and majorly accepted findings it is understood that this lake is home to a certain group of micro-organism.

It is suspected that the colour is present due to an organism named Dunaliella Salina microalgae that are present in the strawberry pink lake. The Dunaliella is an organism known to produce carotenoids, a kind of pigment that is popularly found in carrots.

Another research claims that there is the presence of a bacteria named halophilic bacteria that is present in the salt crust. A reaction between this salt and sodium bicarbonate is also found in the water, this could also be the potential reason for the change in colour.

Lake Hiller: The Strawberry Pink Lake

Lake Hiller was first discovered by navigator and cartographer Matthew Flinders who took samples from the lake and mentioned its existence in his journal. The strawberry pink lake is an inherent wonder, surrounded by eucalyptus and paperback trees that would make a viewer marvel at this natural beauty.

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The pink colour of the strawberry pink lake is less visible from the surface level but is still exceptional. However unlike other pink lakes in the world, if you fill water in a glass, the pink colour would be distinctively visible.

Lake Hiller was initially used for salt extraction for a long time but recently has shifted its focus completely on tourism. The water of the lake is clean and does not cause any harm to human skin, the micro-organism is completely harmless.

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Lake Hillier isn’t the only pink lake in the world, there is another famous one on the coast of Senegal called Lake Retba.

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