The Mystery case of Pollock Sisters

Story of the Pollock Sisters

On May 5, 1957, two girls called Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock, popularly known as the ‘Pollock Sisters’ were killed when their car struck them as they were making their way to church in the English village of Hexham. For their parents, John and Florence, it was utterly terrible. The devastated couple, especially John, wanted them back more than anything. Even though he said they will soon have more girls, no one genuinely gave him the benefit of the doubt. But a year later Florence gave birth to a set of twin girls, whom they called Gillian and Jennifer, just as he had wanted.

pollock sisters, reincarnated sisters, reborn, dusra janam
Credit: Diane Arbus. (This image is often used to portray the Pollock sisters. However, it was taken by photographer Arbus in New Jersey in 1966 and is of identical twins “Cathleen” and “Colleen.”)

John had informed Florence that the girls would be reincarnated in this manner despite his Catholic religion. She had been a little sceptical throughout her pregnancy, which was to be expected, but straight away they both noticed some very obvious indicators that their prayers had in fact been answered. The girls seemed to be more than merely likenesses of their deceased Pollock sisters. Jacqueline had a scar exactly where Jennifer had a very visible white line across her forehead. She shared Jacqueline’s birthmark as well.

Everything seemed pretty weird. John and Florence were so certain that Jennifer and Gillian were in fact Jacqueline and Joanna reincarnated, and this belief grew stronger over time. The twins’ parents noticed more and more things as they grew older that seemed to support their belief. When the two children were still infants, the family relocated to Whitley Bay. When they later visited Hexham at the age of four, Jennifer and Gillian pointed out familiar sights for Jacqueline and Joanna. Like the school they had previously attended.

The dolls and teddy toys that belonged to the girls in their previous life could also be identified with accuracy. Even their nightmares about being struck by cars repeatedly haunted the twins. John and Florence could not have missed the fact that Gillian was really Joanna and Jennifer was really Jacqueline. Because Joanna was five years older than Jacqueline, Jennifer was even reliant on Gillian. When the Pollock sisters turned five, everything changed abruptly, and their memories of their previous lives just vanished.

pollock sisters, reincarnated sisters, reborn, dusra janam
Pollock Sisters (This photo is most likely of identical twins “Cathleen” and “Colleen” as adults.)

Stories like the Pollock Sisters seem to give a lot of credence to the idea of reincarnation, even though it’s possible that everything was merely a part of the heartbroken parents’ illusory hope. All across the world, there are people who believe that after death, a person begins a new life in a different body. Rebirth is a fact of life, according to Buddhists in Tibet, Theosophists in Germany, Scientologists in America, Hindus in India, and Sikhs in Canada. Even the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato thought it to be true.

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