The magnificent boiling river in the Amazon rainforest

This may not seem real. However, there is a boiling river in the Amazon rainforest. The temperature of the river rises from around 45 °C (113 °F) to nearly 100 °C (212 °F). The name Shanay-Timpishka means ‘boiled by the heat of the sun,’ though the source of the heat is actually geothermal.

The boiling river in the Amazon rainforest

The mystery river in Peru’s district of Puerto Inca, near the historic sacred place of Mantuyacu, is known by locals of the deep Amazonian forest as the Shanay Timpishka, the boiling river in the Amazon rainforest. The temperature of this stream, which has a depth of around 6 meters and a width of 25 meters, may reach 95 degrees in certain places and runs for more than 4 miles through the forest. It just takes a few minutes for any kind of life, including humans, to perish at this extremely high temperature.

Boiling forests are intriguing, have you heard of the walking trees?

boiling river in the Amazon rainforest

When Andrés Ruzo, a young Peruvian with love for geology, made the decision to travel to this mystery location in the early 2010s. His travel made the majority of academicians compelled to reconsider their previous beliefs that the “boiling river” was only a story. He could locate the boiling river by using his grandfather’s tales and a map that some of his government of Peru colleagues had given him, demonstrating the reality of “the river that kills.”

The quest for Ruzo, which was actively supported by the “Young Explorer of National Geographic,” uncovered the discovery of an intricate subsurface geothermal network that might transport hot water kilometers away to resurface. What many people find strange is that there are no volcanoes in the region since hot springs usually are known to directly originate from the reaction of lava, like the hot rivers in Iceland and Yosemite. The Shanay-Timpishka is surrounded by mystery since it is 450 kilometers from its closest boiling river in Mayantuyacu.

boiling river in the Amazon rainforest

This area has historically been unaltered and untouched. However, it is currently threatened by the commercialization of the area’s natural resources and uncontrolled deforestation. In his book “The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon,” Andrés Ruzo highlights the river and the ecosystem’s vulnerability, which is presently of interest to people who want to harness it as a source of energy.

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