The Cursed Dakota Building has a string of long tragic events

Famous celebrities like John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, etc. were someway related to the Cursed Dakota Building.

The Dakota building, constructed when the upper classes were only beginning to become familiar with the idea of living in an apartment, set the benchmark for Upper Westside apartment living.

The cursed Dakota Building

The Cursed Dakota Building Story

The Dakota skyscraper or the Cursed Dakota Building, which is in New York City at the intersection of Central Park West and 72nd Street, is likely better recognised by another name among fans of the genre. It served as a stand-in for “The Bramford” in Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby from 1968. The real Dakota may not be as as ominous as the movie version, but it still has a lot of ghostly history that will keep paranormal enthusiasts up at night.

The John Lennon Ghost

The cursed Dakota Building
The cursed Dakota Building

The Cursed Dakota Building is primarily remembered as John Lennon’s final apartment and the scene of his murder, aside from its function in Rosemary’s Baby. Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon four times in the back and shoulder on December 8, 1980, outside the structure. He took a few halting steps before falling to the ground.

People still saw Lennon hanging around at the Dakota after his terrible demise. A few years after Lennon’s assassination, musician Joey Harrow, who lived close to the Dakota, said he saw Lennon’s spirit walking in the archway, surrounded by a “unnerving glow.” Even Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono claimed to have seen him in their room playing his white piano. Other witnesses have reportedly reported seeing Lennon’s spirit at the Dakota. Don’t be scared, he reportedly turned to her and said. I remain here with you.

John Lennon’s UFO

However, Lennon is not the only spirit to reside in the Dakota. Lennon himself claimed to have seen a UFO from his apartment’s window when he was still alive. The “Crying Lady Ghost” was another ghost he encountered in the ancient building’s passageways.

The cursed Dakota Building
The cursed Dakota Building

The Cursed Dakota Building’s History

From the Dakota’s construction between 1880 and 1884, reports of paranormal activity and unusual occurrences started to accumulate. The ghost of a girl with long blonde hair and vintage clothing was reportedly seen by painters in the building bouncing a ball in one of the passageways. Subsequently, when she was waiting for a friend in the lobby of the building, a lady observed the same blonde girl enter what she initially believed to be a room but later realised was really a closet.

Judy Holliday’s ghost

Workers who were fixing Judy Holliday’s flat after she passed away felt that they were being watched, and some of them saw the ghostly apparition of a young guy with the face of a little kid. Judy Holliday was an actress who lived in Dakota.

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Unknown chandelier

The cursed Dakota Building
The cursed Dakota Building

Several Dakotans have reported seeing things move on their own. In their apartment, Frederick and Suzanne Weinstein reported hearing footsteps and other noises, as well as seeing their carpets and dining room furniture move by themselves. While their apartment lacked a chandelier, one day Mr. Weinstein was returning home and noticed the lights of a chandelier glowing in his living room. The light was gone when he arrived upstairs, but he discovered bolts in the ceiling where a chandelier had formerly been.

Myth or Truth

It has been claimed that ghostly sightings of a small guy with a long nose and beard who is wearing a wig, wire-frame spectacles, and a frock coat have been seen on camera by repairmen, electricians, and other guests to the basement. Some claim that Edward Clark, who built the Dakota but was unable to see it finished, fits the description of the spirit. Perhaps his ghost still resides in the Dakota’s basement, keeping a watch on what becomes of his structure.

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