The 52 ft biggest knitted Christmas tree was woven in Portugal

They used wool to commemorate the festivity. In Portugal, 70 ladies between the ages of 11 and 88 created the biggest embroidered Christmas tree, which is almost 55 feet tall.

The biggest knitted Christmas tree

After two years of pandemic quarantine, the senior people of Lisbon needed a cause to leave the house. The Associaço de Moradores Unidos da Apelaço took on the mission as a labour of love.

The effort ended up breaking the Guinness World Record despite the initial idea to build a tree that would be between 10 and 13 feet tall swiftly falling apart.

It surpassed the previously held record of an Ecuadorian tree that measured little over 52 feet making it the biggest knitted Christmas tree ever.

“We had no idea our endeavour would be so successful. We first considered a little tree, but when we became aware that there would be several participants, we moved forward. and placed it in the Guinness Book of Records,” said Catarina Canelas, the project organiser, to Gaudium Press.

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