The bellman of Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel holds a lot of unbelievable mysteries

There lies a mystery in Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel that no one knows or has heard of.

Over 125 years ago, the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel opened its doors to visitors in Alberta, Canada. The Castle of the Rockies, as it is affectionately called, has welcomed several visitors, including royalty and celebrities, but other visitors continue to wander its corridors.

It is rumored that the contractor made a huge mistake when building the first wooden motel. A room that wasn’t even shared by the hotel owner was constructed without any windows or doors. Only after a fire broke out in 1926 was the chamber found. Since then, many have reported seeing hauntings wandering the hallway outside this chamber.

Invisible rooms are something, but an Italian painter has actually sold an invisible painting.

According to reports, a family was tragically murdered in this room. Since then, the door has been bricked up and painted to match the hallway’s other walls. 

The Burning Bride of Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel

You may want to go to this hotel but do you know that there are 10 forbidden places in this world?

According to reports, a woman wearing her bridal gown died on the staircase. The bride was approaching the stairs with candles when her dress suddenly went up in flames. She slipped and fell down the steps and died from a neck injury. Since then, many people claim to have seen her ghost dancing in the ballroom while wearing a full bridal gown. In other instances, visitors and workers have seen her dance while her clothing is on fire. 

The bellman of Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel

The Bellman from the 1960s of Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel

One of the most well-known stories in Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel is Sam Macauley. He worked there as a bellman in the 1960s and 1970s. Although nothing is known about his death or how it occurred, it is nevertheless believed that his ghost haunts the hotel. He occasionally shows up wearing his 1960s outfit and assists visitors by opening locked doors, turning on lights, or carrying baggage. He is frequently seen on the ninth floor. If you try to talk to him or try to tip him, he will disappear.

The bellman of Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Spring Hotel

Initially made of wood, the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, was constructed in 1888. It was built as a result of pressing demands from the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) as they planned to extend westward; and travelers wanted a posh hotel along the route. If you plan to visit Room 873 Banff Springs Hotel, maybe you should click this link here.

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