Storm Hector: This Strange Thundercloud Appears Every Afternoon at 3pm

Every day from September to April at 3 p.m., Hector, the thunderstorm, gathers strength over the Tiwi islands, north of Darwin. Always and each time

storm hector

Storm hector

What do you know about Storm Hector? Every day at roughly 3 o’clock, he makes an appearance as a thunderstorm. The build-up season (September to December) or rainy season is the best time to visit the Tiwi islands, located about 70 km north of Darwin, Australia, where he lives (January through to March). Locals rely on Hector’s consistency so much that they’ve made him into a de facto time standard.

The Tiwi islands, with their distinctive conical shape, play a crucial role in setting off Hector every day by directing the sea breeze upwards, where it is convected as high as 20 kilometres into the atmosphere, where it cools and condenses to form a deep and magnificent cumulonimbus thundercloud. During World War II, planes travelling between Australia and Papua New Guinea relied on Hector as a steady navigation light.

Today, meteorologists adore Storm Hector because he is so easy to study and has shed light on the processes that contribute to the formation of thunderstorms. A fantastic instructional video about Hector has been produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. While Hector emerges against the placid Arafura Sea, photographer Murray Fredericks has made it his mission to capture the storm’s various spectacular shapes and moods on film.

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