Spider monkey with ‘Batman’ markings born at Florida zoo

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey (Batman Monkey)

In a blog post, the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, declared the birth of a spider monkey. The infant bears a distinctive marking on its nose in the form of the “Batman” symbol, indicating that it is not just any spider monkey. Throughout the DC Comics series, the “Bat-Signal,” which depicts the silhouette of a bat spreading its wings, is used as a distress signal to call Batman. The child with the unusual markings was born on April 15 to Rochelle, age 31, and Shooter, age 25.

The zoo said that “the youngling is thriving well, holding on strong to mum and breastfeeding effectively.” The gender of the young monkey is yet unknown. The zoo observed that Rochelle is an accomplished mother and that other spider monkey colony members had visited the mother and youngster. The World Wildlife Fund lists the black spider monkeys, which are present throughout eastern South America, as “vulnerable” to extinction. Due to poaching and the degradation of tropical rainforests, their number has decreased.

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