Sad Satan: The Most Terrifying game ever known


Why is Sad Satan, the most terrifying game ever ?

sad satan

Developed with Terror Engine, Sad Satan is a video game about Satan’s fall from grace, which is also tagged as the most terrifying game ever. First-person exploration of a maze filled with disturbing visuals, music, and sound effects featuring items like the song “I Love Beijing Tienanmen” and the “Swedish Rhapsody” numbers station played backwards. When the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin is played backward, sounds like  “…for sad satan” hence the title of the game.

On June 25, 2015, the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner published the first report on the game.

Posting it on the dark web with no explanation, nobody seems to know who made it, or even what you’re intended to do in it.

An anonymous subscriber tipped out the owner of Obscure Horror Corner, who alleges it was obtained from a Tor service.

The identity of the game’s creator is still unknown.

Mysterious  user ‘ZK’ has been awarded the role of publisher for the game.

It’s said that the game has several references to child abuse and pedophilia. Images of gore and child pornography were found.

They claim it resembles IKEA’s virtual kitchen on an acid trip more than anything else. In the game, the only thing you do is stroll and run about the game area in a really psychedelic manner.
According to the user, known only as “ZK,” the subscriber was given a link to a dark web service by a person known only as “ZK.”

Some time later, someone claiming to be ZK submitted a fresh version of the game on 4chan saying that Obscure Horror Corner was not showing their audience the “real” Sad Satan.

This version of the game was downloaded by members of the 4chan community, who then attempted to play it. While playing the game, a few users reported that their computers were unresponsive, and others noted that their PCs began to function sluggishly. Even after running this version of the game, a few users complained that their computers would no longer boot.

Moonjis doesn’t promote the game, or malware or whatever it is, in any manner.

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