NASA will use a ‘torch’ to find water on Moon

Water on Moon

Water on Moon

The icy form of water on the moon is proof that water exists there. That is a proven truth. We need to discover a technique to purify the water so that it can be used as drinking water and even as fuel if we are to maintain a permanent human presence on Earth’s sole satellite. And for this, we need to zero in on the lunar regions where water ice is very abundant. They want to deploy a satellite that can detect the presence of water with the use of a “torch” or “flashlight.” The ‘Lunar Flashlight’ project at NASA will utilise a laser to reflect off the Moon’s surface in search of water. The maximum distance at which this satellite is from the Moon’s surface is 70,000 kilometres. The staellite will be just 15 kilometres from the moon’s surface when at its closest.

In order to get the satellite into its scientific orbit, a trajectory will be plotted that will take roughly three months to complete. The mission’s project manager, John Baker, said in a statement that Lunar Flashlight will seek for water ice on the Moon’s surface in areas that had previously been inaccessible.

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