Mysterious disappearance of Paula Jean Welden with crazy twist since 1946

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden is one of the incidents that is strongly believed to be a part of the Bensonton Triangle.

On the first of December in 1946, Paula Jean Welden made the decision to take a break from her studies and go for a hike on the “Long Trail” located in the Glastenbury Mountains of Vermont. The college student, who was 18 years old at the time, double-checked her travel plans with her roommate before she left, and she was spotted by multiple eyewitnesses walking along the Long Trail. According to The Morbid Library’s findings, however, she seemed to disappear at some point along the way and was never seen or heard from again after that.

Welden was the oldest of four children and the first to be born in 1928. According to the information provided by The Charley Project, she and her family made their home in the city of Stamford in the state of Connecticut. On the other hand, she was a resident of Bennington College’s main campus during the academic year.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

According to the Morbid Library, “she was a typical young woman” who had an interest in both the arts and the natural sciences. According to The Charley Project, she particularly enjoyed working in oil and watercolour, in addition to drawing with charcoal and pencils. In her spare time, she enjoyed playing the guitar, going hiking and camping, and spending time outside in general.

According to The Morbid Library, Weldon was “a responsible student.” She worked part-time in the dining hall at Bennington College and spent a significant portion of her free time focusing on her academic pursuits. Welden had worked two shifts in the dining hall on the day she went missing, and she had spent the majority of the afternoon studying. Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden is a mystery. Her roommate claims that she eventually expressed the need for a break and expressed interest in going hiking for the remaining portion of the afternoon.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden is something we don’t know but do you know about the mysterious Pollok Sisters?

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

Reports from witnesses indicate that Paula Jean Welden exited the dormitory room she was staying in at Dewey Hall at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. She accessorised her look with a wristwatch that had a black band, red jeans, and white sneakers. Her parka was red. According to The Charley Project’s findings, she was unprepared for the chilly weather because her clothing was inappropriate. She also took very little to no money with her when she left.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

A witness stated that he came across Welden hitchhiking close to the Bennington campus and that he agreed to give her a ride at approximately 2:45 p.m. According to the man, Weldon wanted a ride to Glastonbury Mountain, where she intended to hike the Long Trail. He offered to take her there. According to The Charley Project, the man dropped Weldon off roughly three miles away from Route 9, which is where she planned to enter the trail.

It is believed that Weldon was successful in reaching her destination in the end because multiple witnesses stated that they saw her walking along the path later on that same day. At around four o’clock in the afternoon, one witness in particular had a conversation with Welden. The young woman reportedly detoured to inquire with the adult about the total distance of the path before continuing on her journey. This is stated in The Charley Project. It was the last time that anyone saw Welden before she disappeared, and that was the encounter.

About an hour and a half passed after the man had his conversation with Weldon before the sun went down. It began to snow within a couple of hours, and the accumulation was estimated to be somewhere around three inches. When Welden did not return from her hike as expected, her roommate became concerned; however, it was not until the following Monday that her disappearance was reported.

No trace was found in the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

After Paula Jean Welden failed to appear for any of the classes for which she was registered, the university contacted her parents to inquire about her whereabouts and whether or not she had returned home. It was confirmed that her parents did not know anything about her whereabouts, which led to the missing person report being filed for her.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

According to what was found in The Morbid Library, it was necessary for any Bennington College student who intended to leave campus and come back after 11 o’clock at night to fill out a sign-out sheet. Additionally, it was required of them to check back in once they returned. On the other hand, neither Welden’s arrival nor departure could be found in the records for December 1, 1946.

Along with Welden’s family and friends, the Connecticut State Police and the New York State Police began searching the Long Trail and the area around it. At first, the authorities presumed that Welden simply became disoriented or injured while hiking along the trail, and that he eventually succumbed to exposure as a result. However, despite the fact that a thorough search was carried out, no sign of Welden’s presence was ever discovered on or near the trail.

Waitress in Fall River, Massachusetts, called the police to report that she had seen a young woman matching Welden’s description in the diner where she worked in the hours following the public announcement of her disappearance. According to The Morbid Library, the waitress described the young woman as having a “disturbed” appearance. On the other hand, there is scant information available about the interaction or the young woman’s precise mental state at the time.

Some people suspect her father’s involvement in the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

Another theory suggests that Paula Jean Welden’s father was actually involved in the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden, as reported by the Bennington Banner. In the week leading up to Welden’s disappearance, she had made preparations to travel to Connecticut, where her family resides, to spend the Thanksgiving holiday there. Welden’s roommate, on the other hand, claimed that she made the decision to remain on campus instead. The roommate also mentioned that Welden and her father had an argument before Welden went missing.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

When Welden’s father apparently disappeared for thirty-six hours in the midst of the search for his daughter, it raised additional questions about his whereabouts. According to the Bennington Banner, Welden’s father vanished as soon as he learned that his daughter may have been seen by the waitress in Massachusetts. But he did not let anyone know that he was leaving or where he was going before he left.

During the weeks and months that followed the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden, Welden’s father was outspoken in his criticism of law enforcement and his belief that they were not investigating the disappearance to the best of their abilities. This was because, in his opinion, law enforcement was not doing their job. Additionally, he was critical of the fact that the state of Vermont did not have its own police department.

Some people even believe that the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden may have been connected to the alleged presence of ghosts or other supernatural beings in the region that is commonly referred to as “The Bennington Triangle.”

In the year 1992, author Joseph A. Citri was the one who first popularised the term “Bennington Triangle.” According to Citri, the triangle, which, according to Legends of America, extends in the region surrounding Glastenbury Mountain, and includes the cities of Bennington, Shaftesbury, and Woodford, as well as several ghost towns, possesses an unusual energy that carries the potential to be harmful.

Is there some kind of relationship wit the Bensonton Triangle?

The area is said to have a long history of mysterious occurrences, sightings, and disappearances, giving rise to the urban legend that the area is haunted. According to Legends of America, sightings of “a Bigfoot-like” creature have been reported in the area as far back as the early 1800s, and mysterious disappearances have been reported as far back as 1945. Both of these occurrences have been documented.

Paula Jean Welden was the second person out of a number of people who went missing in the area that would later become known as the Bennington Triangle. According to Legends of America, there are no known ties between any of the people who vanished from the region, and theories about the disappearances have ranged from the involvement of the supernatural to that of a serial killer. Others have hypothesised that the mountain’s unusual wind patterns may be to blame for people wandering off the mountain and into the surrounding area, where they are unable to be located due to the expansive and dense forest.

Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

The investigation into the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden eventually petered out, and she was eventually ruled dead. However, neither the teen nor any of her belongings were ever located after a search was conducted. She is a female of the Caucasian race and has been described as having blonde hair and blue eyes.

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