How did this mysterious ancient Swiss watch enter the Ming Dynasty’s 400 year old sealed tomb ?

How could possibly a mysterious ancient Swiss watch enter the Ming Dynasty’s sealed tomb that was sealed for 400 years?

A group of Chinese researchers found a little, century-old Swiss watch artefact in a Ming era tomb in 2008. The shocking factor is that it had already been 400 years since anyone had explored the ancient tomb.

mysterious ancient swiss watch

The researchers claim that they are the first group to enter the Ming dynasty’s sealed burial in Shanxi, Southern China, in the last four centuries.

When several journalists were recording a story inside the tomb, they gradually approached the coffin and attempted to clear the soil from around it to get a better view. They decided to pick up the rock and thought it was an ordinary ring when it suddenly fell to the ground and made a metallic sound. However, when they removed the soil covering it and gave it a closer look, they were shocked to discover that it was actually a mysterious ancient Swiss watch, and they immediately understood that it was a miraculous discovery.

From 1368 until 1644, during the administration of the Great Ming Empire, no timepieces of this type existed in China or anyplace else on Earth. According to a specialist, Switzerland was not even a nation during the Ming era.

At 10:05 am, the enigmatic timepiece indicated that it had stopped. It’s actually a Swiss ring with a mysterious ancient Swiss watch face that seems contemporary. But at that time, this kind of mysterious ancient Swiss watch-shaped ring was by no means widespread. However, there is a slim chance that it was created by coincidence.

Mysterious ancient Swiss watch

Even if there are no such accounts of any ancient Chinese relics being damaged or stolen, we can rationally make the following conclusion: perhaps someone later entered the tomb covertly and the “watch-like ring” was taken from him/her.

mysterious ancient swiss watch
The earliest known watch

However, a lot of people have suggested that this miraculous discovery is the result of “Time Travel.” (like The Mystery behind the 1940’s Time Travelling Hipster) Whether it was “Time Travel” or “Coincidence,” it’s always entertaining to see such amazing archaeological discovery. These unusual artefacts were often described to as “out-of-place artefacts” (OOPart).

An OOPArt is a singular and unexplained object that is listed as “anomalous” in historical, archaeological, or paleontological records. To suggest that these artefacts have been discovered when and where they shouldn’t have been and therefore defy the traditional view of history.

Many people think OOPArts may even show that humans had a higher level of civilization or sophistication than stated and comprehended by authorities and academia, despite the fact that conventional scholars have always come to a straightforward and logical conclusion about these artefacts.

One thing for sure, we do not know the exact origin of this ring, it could be a result of OOPArts but also challenges a lot of beliefs we have related to it. We could wait for an answer or have our own theories about its origin.

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