Mr. Doodle : Artist Sam Cox’s home is covered with doodles from floor to ceiling

Mr. Doodle
Mr. Doodle

Mr. Doodle

Sam Cox, better known as Mr. Doodle, has presented his one-of-a-kind Doodle House in the town of Tenterden, Kent. Every surface of the six-bedroom house is covered with doodles. Sam spent two years and thousands of dollars on this incredible project, for which he used 900 litres of white emulsion paint, 401 cans of black spray paint, 286 bottles of sketching paint, and 2,296 pen nibs. He calls this “living artwork” heaven. Everything in Sam’s room, from the walls to the floor to the ceiling, is covered with his trademark monochromatic, cartoonish doodling.

Everything from the bed to the kitchen appliances (including the stove, kettle, toaster, microwave, cupboards, bathtub, door handles, chairs, dining table, windows, door frames, chandeliers, fireplace surround, and chimney) has been decorated with doodles. There is not a single untouchable area. The lacquer coating on the couch ensures it will not be damaged by any accidental doodling.

Sam says he got most of his ideas for doodling from video games like Crash Bandicoot and cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Wacky Races when he was a kid.

After finally showing off his passion project, what’s next for Mr. Doodle? His wife’s Tesla is already doodled, and he has grand aspirations to “doodle over the whole planet,” but for the time being, Sam, Alena, and their dog want to make the Doodle House their permanent home.

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