Mayor Max 2 – Learn the amazing story of how a dog became the mayor of a Californian town

Who is the mayor of your town? Meet Mayor Max 2, a Golden Retriever the second and the current mayor of the town Idyllwild, California. The dog mayor California might bring a lot of questions in your mind, but what made the people elect a dog?

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Dog mayor California

Why did people elect Mayor Max 2?

That has a comparatively short answer, Idyllwild California is a small mountain town. Since the town is small in size and the people of the town do not support any political party per se, the residents believe that they can run the daily needs on their own, they don’t believe in any political affiliations. Since elections are mandatorily conducted, the nonprofit Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends drove a sponsored election, by assembling pets for the post. Mayor Max I, the present-day Max’s ancestor, won with an overwhelming majority.

After Max, I’s death during his second period, his owner Phyllis Mueller, launched an international search to find an appropriate successor for the post. Eventually, Phyllis was successful in finding a successor, Mayor Max 2. Phyllis Mueller claims that Mayor Max 2 was apparently born to be a Mayor as he folded his arms in front of the camera.

Dog mayor California

Idyllwild California’s Mayor wants to see peace on earth

Yes Mayor Max 2 of Idyllwild California was “born into public service”, according to his top aide. Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, age six, is on a mission: “In his heart, he would like to see peace on Earth in his lifetime,” said his chief of staff and human companion, Phyllis Mueller.

According to Phyllis Mueller, it is not an easy job to be a mayor, Mayor Max 2 has to greet people and take photos with its citizens. Mayor is also keen to participate in charity events and drives, he visits schools and retirement communities on a regular basis.

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Mayor Max 2
Dog mayor California

Dog Mayor California

It would take us a two-hour drive from Los Angeles towards the town of Idyllwild California, where a population of around 2500 people lives at 5400ft height. You can ask anyone for the Mayor’s office and there you can knock and door and Mayor Max 2 will greet you with a wagging tail and a striped tie. Mitzi and Mikey are the deputy mayors in charge of security for Mayor Max 2, they are his blood relatives.

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This may sound like an exceptional thing, but the fact is Non-human electoral candidates have been elected quite a few times in the past. This could possibly have happened due to the corrupted system that we have in many countries, hope we enjoy a good political governance.

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