Man returns library book after 84 years

Man returns library book after 84 years

Man returns library book after 84 years

A British man contributed money to cover any penalties when he returned a book that his grandpa had borrowed from the library in 1938. After all, the BBC reported that the book was 4,385 weeks late. According to Riordan, Capt. William Humphries checked out a copy of Red Deer by Richard Jefferies on October 11, 1938, and took it out for his daughter Anne, the BBC reports. According to the BBC, Riordan returned the book and gave a gift of $21.22. According to SkyNews, that equals one ancient British pence every week. According to the BBC, the cost of returning the book would have been $8,911.03 if the library’s current fine rate had been used

The book, originally published in 1894, can be bought on Amazon for $24.95.

“It’s such a lovely piece of the library’s history,” Lucy Winter, the library’s community engagement coordinator, told the BBC. “(Riordan) was so nice and it was so kind of him to donate the fine back to the library.”

“I thought it might be a bit of fun for the librarians,” Riordan said in an interview. “I hadn’t realized that it would be quite as much fun as this.”

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