Guinness alert: Man does 3182 push-ups in one hour to break record

3182 push-ups

3182 push-ups in one hour

The previous best Guinness record, which stood at 3,054 push-ups in an hour, was beaten by Australian Daniel Scali by more than 100 push-ups. In his attempt to break the record, Scali completed 3,182 push-ups in total. Jarrad Young, also from Australia, formerly held the record for the most push-ups performed in one hour (male). Scali, who has battled complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) since he was 12 years old, experiences chronic pain every day.

“The damaged area, which is my arm, is caused by the brain sending the incorrect signals. So anything soft, moving, windy, or wet will hurt me, he informed the records website.

It’s interesting to note that Scali already holds the record for spending the most time in an abdominal plank posture (male). He planked for an amazing 9 hours 30 minutes and 1 second in August 2021. According to the Guinness website, Daniel extended George Hood’s (USA) previous record by an additional hour.

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