Largest Funeral Procession on a Grand Prix Track

Largest Funeral Procession

Largest Funeral Procession

A unique procession was held as part of Funerex Africa, a “commercial fair and driving experience for funeral professionals.” On the Kyalami Grand Prix Track in South Africa, there was the biggest funeral procession ever. But don’t worry; despite the event’s gloomy outward aspect, it was really a joyous occasion that brought together employees in the funeral business from all across Africa in a positive atmosphere of working towards a shared goal of breaking a record. Midrand, South Africa hosted 122 automobiles on a 4.522-kilometer circuit.

The hearses and drivers’ licences were examined by MasterDrive, an organisation that specialises in driving education, as soon as they arrived. A yellow wristband was given to the driver, and a yellow sticker was put on the vehicle, if both had passed the inspection. At the time of entry into the parade, each driver would have their wristband numbered to help in the counting process and prevent errors. Funerex expected 137 hearses to show up, however there were “only” 123 cars in the starting lineup. The count is short by one because technological difficulties prevented one of them from completing the task.

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