Kuldhara Village – This ghost village in India holds some extraordinary mysteries

This ghost village in India – Kuldhara Village has always brought certain curiosity among people, but the neighboring towns have a different story to tell.

This haunted village in Rajasthan allows us to get a close-up look at the lives of the people who formerly lived there, ghost towns and villages have a fascination that distinguishes it from the remains of castles and towers. Rajasthan, a desert region, is home to several ghost towns, but few of them have garnered as much interest like Kuldhara, maybe as a result of the stories surrounding them.

Where is the haunted village in Rajasthan?

Kuldhara, in Rajasthan, lies about 18 kilometres southwest to Jaisalmer and has been a ghost village in India since the early 19th century. It’s a widely believed belief that spirits are currently residing in the community. The “haunted” village, which was once inhabited by wealthy Paliwal Brahmins, was abandoned by its residents as a result of atrocities carried out by Salim Singh, a prominent minister in Jaisalmer.

What happened to the Ghost village in India?

ghost village in India

It was formerly a thriving Paliwal Brahmin hamlet under the rule of Jaisalmer for around 300 years ago. The daughter of the local chief caught Salim Singh’s wicked attention, the state’s strong and hedonistic prime minister, and he allegedly wanted to marry her forcibly. If the town did not comply with his request, he warned them with dire repercussions. Surprisingly the people took a different approach and around hundreds of people migrated from the village that same night. It is believed that the villagers also cursed that no one will ever be able to settle in their village thereafter. 

Another, more logical explanation is that Salim Singh increased taxes to such an amount that the local population could no longer afford to remain in the town and made the decision to move on in search of better opportunities.

The damaged homes in these settlements, according to some authors, exhibit signs of earthquake-related damage, such as “collapsed roofs, fallen joists, lintels, and pillars.” It is impossible to explain such severe damage to “the usual processes of weathering and erosion”.

However, according to local lore, the Paliwals placed a curse on the settlement when they left, making it impossible for anybody to retake it. The settlement is still desolate since attempts to repopulate it were met with ghostly activity.

Can you visit Kuldhara today?

But in 2010 the village has been made into a tourist place – a heritage village by the Rajasthan state Government, India. Many tourists visit this place to witness what now remains as one of the mysterious fascination.

When one considers the unfortunate people who were made to leave the country of their forefathers, Kuldhara – ghost village in India, is a bleak and dejected region that makes one feel sorry. The location doesn’t appear to be scary, though, for no other reason than the legends themselves and our own impression based on those tales. Even if there is loss in the air, perhaps it is not cursed.

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