In the US, a fisherman catches a rare wolf monster fish and posts a video

Wolf Monster Fish

Wolf Monster Fish

A large wolf fish was recently caught by a fisherman, who fed it a lobster before returning it to the water. Jacob Knowles, a fisherman from Maine, uploaded a video of him landing the enormous fish to Instagram. The wolf monster fish was laying on the boat’s floor at the beginning of the video. Knowles is then shown picking up the fish and holding it in front of the camera as it thrashes and growls.

The fisherman lowers the lobster once more, at which point the animal opens its mouth and sinks its teeth into the shell of the lobster. The man then throws the fish, still holding the lobster in its mouth, back into the body of water. A user responded to the video by calling it weird. One more said, “Wow! That’s crazy! It was described as an ugly fish by a user. Nice to see though, the user commented.

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