Fastest Skin Fade Haircut Ever : 18 minutes 57 seconds

Fastest Skin Fade Haircut Ever

Fastest Skin Fade Haircut Ever

Johannesburg, South Africa’s Enrico Springfield, a young barber with exceptional skill, now holds the world record for the quickest time to do five skin fade haircuts, clocking in at only 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Since Enrico has set the bar so high, anybody may try to break it from here on out. Although just 23 years old, he has been cutting hair professionally for almost a decade, having begun his training when he was only 13 years old. It was in his uncle’s shed that Enrico initially set up business as a barber, with merely a makeshift wooden sign tacked to the door. He began his career in the same shopping centre where he currently operates a legitimate barber shop, and he has successfully clipped, razored, and shaved many heads in his time.

Due to the lack of a currently-held record, a benchmark time has been established to spur competition. To pass the challenge, Enrico needed to do five skin fades in under 20 minutes, or an average of four minutes each haircut. Typically, a skin fade involves short hair at the nape of the neck and the crown, with gradually longer lengths as one moves forward on the head.

Because he was not allowed to use a clipper with a lever that varies the trim length, Enrico felt extra pressure to change his usual cutting technique. Instead, he had to utilise clippers with removable guards, which he switched between at various points throughout the record attempt. Each haircut should have a three-stage fade from the crown down, needing a total of three distinct clipper guards.

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