Elephant Knocks Entire Tree Down To Scratch Its Itchy Back

Elephant Knocks Entire Tree

Elephant Knocks Entire Tree Down To Scratch Its Itchy Back

Animals with the intelligence of elephants are able to feel and comprehend a broad variety of emotions. On the other hand, kids sometimes act in ways that are childish and even harmful. A wild elephant can be seen in a video that has gone popular on Reddit destroying an entire tree in order to scratch his itchy back. Absolutely, that’s something to which we can connect. The 17-second movie captures the elephant’s whole process. The film shows the wild elephant close to a tree that may be in the savannah. A few seconds later, the massive tusker pushes it over and rubs against the fallen tree to satisfy its scratching. This footage was likely shot by a curious onlooker at a safari park.

There are a tonne of humorous responses to the video. According to one commenter, “That tree flourished in that position for 80 years through drought and pests just to be pushed down, dead, and used for an ass-scratcher. Aw, the humiliation. Somebody other said that this kind of thing happens all the time. Not even scratch,” he said. It is common practise for elephants to uproot trees in order to consume the roots. Join a safari. It’s a great investment.

Thirdly, “people actually ruin entire forests and cause hundreds of species go extinct each decade to gratify consumerist whims,” was a comparison between humans and elephants. Tigers and rhinos have been almost wiped off by human hunting for their pelts and horns. All humans are the worst.

The incident’s site is still unknown.

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