Conplan 8888: The US strategy to fight zombies is true

What exactly is the Conplan 8888?

In the event that a zombie apocalypse occurs, the federal government of the United States is prepared to put its contingency plan into effect. Does that strike you as odd? That’s because of how strange it is. In 2011, Conplan 8888 was made available to the general public. Prior to that year, it had been referred to informally as the “Counter-Zombie Dominance” paper.

Conplan 8888

The designers of Conplan 8888 have devised a comprehensive and careful plan that is intended to be implemented in the event of (yep, you read it correctly) an attack by zombies.

However, the purpose of the document was to ensure that every possibility was considered. As a result, they came to the conclusion that it was a response to a zombie invasion. OK, I don’t see why not.

The zombie apocalypse is not the time to find yourself unprepared!

The primary objective behind the development of Conplan 8888 was to get the world’s governments and other relevant organisations ready for any strange event that might take place. After everything that we have been through, the very real potential of a global pandemic may very well be replaced by a zombie apocalypse in the future, right?

Nobody really believed that a virus generated in a laboratory would be able to shut down the entire world for nearly two years, did they?

Is There Really a Conplan 8888?

Indeed, the Conplan 8888 is a real aircraft. On the other hand, it’s not what you may expect at all.

These words appear at the beginning of the document: “THIS PLAN WAS NOT ACTUALLY DESIGNED AS A JOKE…”
…and continue by saying, “…While instructing augmentees from a local training squadron, members of a USSTRATCOM discovered (by mistake) that the hyperbole involved in developing a “zombie survival plan” really proved a very helpful and successful training tool.”

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Preparedness for the real world can sometimes be gained through fictional scenarios.

It’s rather crazy how well preparedness can work. When you think you’re getting ready for one thing, there are instances when you’re actually getting ready for something else that you have no idea is even going to take place.

The government is responsible for making contingency plans, and in this particular instance, Conplan 888 was initially conceived of as a means by which government planners might divert their attention to a new topic. Being in a specific mentality may make all the difference in seeing angles that you typically wouldn’t see, which is something that anyone who makes things is well aware of.

In this particular instance, preparing for unforeseen problems entailed visualising asteroids colliding, aliens invading, and various other end-of-the-world scenarios.

In essence, the exercise of preparing for a zombie apocalypse was only a make-believe scenario that was intended to broaden our thinking about how to respond to calamities.

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