Beware Of Non-Stick Cookwares: It’s Dangerous

Non-Stick Cookwares

Non-Stick Cookwares

As the coating of non-stick pots and pans wears away over time, scientists believe that hundreds to millions of ultra-small Teflon plastic particles may be discharged while cooking. Science of the Total Environment found that even a little fracture in a Teflon-coated pan may release 9,100 plastic particles. The results, say researchers, including those from the US’s Flinders University, underline the possible danger of exposure to Teflon plastic trash during regular cooking. Researchers looked at the possibility that millions of microscopic plastic particles might be released throughout the cooking and washing processes while using non-stick cookware. They discovered that 2.3 million microplastics and nanoplastics were released from damaged coatings, indicating that there was a higher risk of exposure to these chemicals when cooking.

“It gives us a strong warning that we must be careful about selecting and using cooking utensils to avoid food contamination,” Youhong Tang, another author of the study from Flinders University said.

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