Ancient Chinese vase sells for 1.5 million pounds after a photo surfaces

Chinese vase sells for 1.5 million pounds

Chinese vase sells for 1.5 million pounds

A rare Chinese vase from the 18th century just sold at auction for around £1.5 million ($1.8 million). According to Dreweatts, the English auction company that handled the sale, the gilded blue artifact’s original estimate was £150,000. According to a statement from Dreweatts, the vendor received the vase as an inheritance from his surgeon father, who had purchased it for a few hundred pounds in the 1980s. Because the seller had no idea how much it was worth, he kept it in the kitchen, where a professional noticed it. The porcelain vase, which stands two feet tall, has a six-character seal mark down its base that is typical of the Qianlong Dynasty (1736-1795), according to the auction house.

It was created for the Qianlong Emperor’s court, the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty, and, according to Dreweatts, would have been created utilising cutting-edge heating processes to obtain its blue, gold, and silver colours. The auction house stated that in order to achieve the cobalt blue shade, the vase would have needed to be fired at a temperature of almost 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 1,200 celsius), while the interior turquoise tint and the exterior gold and silver colours would have been produced in a kiln suitable for enamels.

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