Incredible Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel

Albert Einstein, a Jewish physicist who is famous for his discoveries in theoretical physics, was a well-known figure in his field. However, were you aware that he also had the possibility of entering the realm of politics?

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel
Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel

After Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president, passed away in 1952, the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, extended an offer to Albert Einstein to become the first president of Israel. Einstein declined the offer. Since the president of Israel is mostly responsible for ceremonial tasks, holding this office is considered more of an honour than a powerful post.

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Neither Albert Einstein nor David Ben-Gurion showed a great deal of excitement about the possibility of Einstein becoming president of Israel. Ben-Gurion made a joke to one of his assistants, saying, “I’ve had to give the role to him since it’s difficult not to.” Einstein felt the offer to be embarrassing. However, if he agrees, we are in a lot of danger.”

Throughout his whole life, Einstein was a staunch supporter of the modern state of Israel. In a letter he wrote in 1947 to Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, he stated, “I made the cause of Zionism mine because through it I saw a means of correcting a flagrant wrong.” He penned these words in response to Nehru’s criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

However, Einstein attempted to deny the presidency as soon as he was offered it, and he refused to meet with members of the Israeli embassy in an official capacity. The Israeli ambassador, Abba Eban, insisted on writing him a letter on behalf of Ben-Gurion and sending it to him.

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel

Einstein was pushed to evaluate the intellectual and spiritual potential of the nation by Eban’s offer, which underscored the admiration of the Israeli people for Einstein. According to what Eban wrote, “Israel is a little state in terms of its physical size, but it can climb to the level of greatness.” The letter gave Albert Einstein the assurance that he would continue to have the freedom to pursue scientific studies even while serving as president. In addition, it stated that in order for Einstein to accept the position, he would be required to relocate to Israel from his current location in Princeton, New Jersey.

The response that Albert Einstein gave was succinct and polite. He expressed his gratitude for the offer and emphasised the deep emotional connection that he felt to the Jewish people. He justified his decision to decline by citing personal inadequacies, such as a lack of pertinent skills and the fact that he was becoming older. He added in his letter, “I lack the natural aptitude as well as the experience to interact with people in an appropriate manner.”

Later on in that year, a prominent Zionist named Itzhak Ben-Zvi took over as president of Israel in place of Albert Einstein.

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