What does Moonjis stand for?

This world is not limited to what you see around you; even the smallest of things might be holding an astonishing amount of facts. The mobile phone you use is more potent than a spaceship? Don’t believe in us? Well, it’s true. 

We, Moonjis, would only like to point out whatever is present in the world, but from a different perspective. We concerned with everything ranging from brightness to darkness. We examine all the colours present in nature, may it be red or coquelicot. We are present in the nuance of each article.

We research back to our predecessors who hadn’t learned to walk on two feet. We inspect the petrified remains of animals and the scrambled eggs on your plate.

We are nothing but comic-nerds and tale-tellers; we don’t voice our emotions; we simply state facts. We will talk about everything. Let it be about the lost city of Atlantis or the discovery of Severnaya Zemlya; from the Black Hole to the White Hole; from the classic bicycle to the Voyager 1. Our scope of exploration is limitless.

If you would have sent a fanmail to Albert Einstein, he would have probably replied. Most of the mails are compiled in a book by Alice Calaprice called Dear Professor Einstein
Dragons would be a mythical creature but has it ever not surprised you that dragons nearly appear in all ancient cultures. They are literally created in almost all continents.

Moonjis, the destination where all your irrational curiosities are answered, which is indeed the account of our pleasant hobby. The most odd, startling, heartwarming, and amazing tales in the world can be found here if you have an insatiable hunger for information. 

We produce content on a variety of subjects, ranging from science and entertainment to human history and society, with the goal of discovering and disseminating the most exciting truths. Whatever your hobbies, you can discover something entertaining by just perusing our plethora of categories. You won’t be able to stop once you get going, too!