30-Feet Cut-Out Of Football Star Lionel Messi Stands Tall in an Indian state – Kerala River

30-Feet Cut-Out Of Football Star Lionel Messi

30-Feet Cut-Out Of Football Star Lionel Messi Stands Tall in an Indian state – Kerala River

The anticipation of seeing their favourite players sweat it out in Qatar for the next month is reaching fever pitch, with just 13 days left till the start of the festival. In preparation for the greatest athletic event of the year, diehard fans are making travel plans to cheer on their favourite teams. Here’s an example: In Pullavoor, Kozhikode, Kerala, there is a 30-foot-tall cutout of Argentinean star Lionel Messi floating in the middle of the Kurungattu Kadavu river. Online sensation has been generated by a behind-the-scenes film showing dedicated supporters lugging the massive cutout around the hamlet. A group of kids are shown in a video posted to Twitter toting a cutout of Lionel Messi wearing the famous white and blue Argentina shirt.

Many in Kerala are backing Messi and Argentina to take home the title from Qatar. When asked by The News Minute, Ahmed, a member of one of the several Messi fan groups in Kozhikode, expressed optimism that this would be the year that Messi won the World Cup. Messi has said that this will be his last World Cup. “Should I consider this my last World Cup? Without a doubt, without a doubt, “According to Goal, Messi made this comment to Star+. “I cannot wait till the World Cup begins. Nervousness and anxiousness coexist. Having been anxious about it for some time, you want want it to happen right now. Finally, the question of how we will fare in the end. We’re both excited and anxious for it to finally come “His words.

On November 20, 32 teams will gather in Qatar to compete for soccer’s top honour in the FIFA World Cup.

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